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INFINITI Launches NDC-Enabled Booking Platform – AgencyDirect With Emirates As The First NDC Airline Partner

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – March 29, 2021 — INFINITI announces its launch of new NDC-enabled cloud-based Booking Platform – AgencyDirect, allowing Indian travel Agencies to shop, order, pay and service airline travel offers via NDC connectivity.

AgencyDirect is next-generation booking platform which allows user to view and compare all available airline flights and related services for any given trip on one single screen, whether they are sourced from GDSs, NDC Channel or other APIs.

We are happy and proud that Emirates is our first NDC Partner, with more airlines to follow suit very soon. Travel Agencies can directly enjoy the benefits of value-added and differentiated Emirates products and services on AgencyDirect which is now fully equipped to adopt incentives and bundled content that Emirates will continue to introduce through the direct connect channel.

Agencydirect with its advanced integrated Sub-Agency and Corporate Self Booking Tool (SBT) Module enables a travel agency to expand its business operations to different customer segments and increases its revenue in this challenging time.

“We endeavor to create world-class travel technology solutions. Our vision is two-fold: To integrate NDC into AgencyDirect towards enabling airlines to differentiate their offers better and drive adoption of their NDC content, while helping Travel Agencies grow profitably by embracing technology. This AI-powered self -booking solution will be the game-changer for the travel world to adopt the technology easily and at a minimal investment, says M. Ananth Narasimhan, CEO of Infiniti Software Solutions.

(Infiniti became the world’s 1st Travel Technology Company in August 2019 to acquire NDC Level 4 certification, 19.1 version with full Offer and Order Management capability as an IT provider)


Media Contact: marketing@infinitisoftware.net

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