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Infiniti Software Solutions Takes Center Stage At T2RL Engage 23 – Meet Us There!

Infiniti Software Solution is happy to participate in this year’s T2RL Engage 23 from September 18th to 20th, 2023! Guess where? At the prestigious QEII Centre in London! The stage is set to reshape the airline’s new-age technology transformation with experts worldwide.

Connecting with Experts at T2RL Engage 2023

Infiniti Software Solutions is eager to meet the delegates, travel experts, and specialists to share thought-provoking insights across travel IT and distribution, vendors, airlines, and travel agencies. This gathering serves as the perfect platform to exchange ideas and engage in thought-provoking discussions across various facets of travel IT and distribution.

Don’t miss the chance to meet us there!

The T2RL Engage 2023 is embracing the growing consensus of Offer-Order-Settle-Deliver and how airlines use advanced travel technologies to manage, optimize and benefit from new opportunities. 

Gather Insights From Ananth’s Speech On Personalized Shopping Experience

Ananth Narasimhan, CEO of Infiniti Software Solutions as one of the keynote speakers will put his thoughts on the topic “Is the switch to offer management a zero-sum game?” 

Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Time: 4:30 PM to 5:10 PM

Booth Number: 18

Content Stream: Stream Two – Distribution, Selling & Servicing Channels

A short brief?

He will discuss how airlines can deliver personalized shopping experiences for group bookings and the B2B customer segments. He is eager to share insights gathered from his 23+ years of industrial knowledge and after working with 20+ airlines. 

In the context of offer personalization, airlines face the inability to receive, store, and manage real-time customer data. A customer goes through several checkpoints throughout the journey from the booking process to confirmation, pre-travel, during travel, and post-travel. It would be a great technology lift if airlines had a platform to store customer data to foresee their needs ahead to curate the offers.

We are evidently seeing different customer expectations at different stages. However, there is a lack of airline systems to streamline, track and manage personalized offers for all customer segments. Foreseeing the future, there is a huge potential in tailoring offers based on the customer type, and journey.

He will share more insightful thoughts on the airline’s offer personalization at the event.

We are giving the spotlight on two of our products – AgencyDirect and GroupRM

These products are primed to reshape the airline industry by addressing evolving customer demands and by providing transformative solutions. 

Infiniti is really committed to ushering in a new era of innovation and excellence.

AgencyDirect helps airlines to solve the challenges by a redefined customer management interface that stores and manages real-time data of all the airline customer segments. It resolves the challenges by personalizing offers, managing the changing expectations of the customers, and helping them increase ancillary sales.GroupRM, our flagship product, is designed to revolutionize airline group booking revenue management with AI-Intelligent features that boost the group revenue by 25%. This end-to-end system – streamlines processes, reduces TAT, optimizes quotes, adopts best pricing strategies, and tracks all bookings.

Mark the calendar as the countdown begins!

It’s about time to soak in some wisdom.

We extend an invitation to connect, collaborate, and co-create as we collectively chart the course toward innovation and transformation.

Join us as we propel the airline industry towards new horizons, driven by insight, innovation, and the spirit of progress. The future of airline travel begins here, and we’re honored to shape it together.

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