VoyagerAid – Customer Support Software

VoyagerAid is an innovative Customer Support CRM solution that helps airline and travel companies to manage customer complaints, feedback, and queries effectively by integrating multi-channel into a single platform. Customers can have easy access to support teams with the virtual assistant "chat-bot," which acts as an interface to chat through agents or robots.

VoyagerAid CRM software helps you to provide seamless customer service delivery at various touchpoints. Also helps to engage customers with faster interactions, quick response, and productive customer relationship to support the growth of the company.

VoyagerAid Customer service software Features

Multichannel Integration 
The multichannel integration process allows communicating with customers through various channels like Email, Chat, phone calls, websites, and social media accounts. Streamlining the multiple channels into one single platform helps airlines and travel companies to handle all inbound requests, queries, or complaints in one place and provide real-time responses.

Ticket Management System
The smart ticketing management system helps Airlines and travel companies to manage tickets effectively. The AI-based ticketing system will improve efficiency and productivity by prioritizing, categorizing, and assigning tickets automatically to the right concern department and agents. The ticketing management systems restructure all the queries from various channels into a universal inbox and automatically assign the ticket to available agents. Now it’s easy to maintain the highest quality of customer interactions with this comprehensive helpdesk CRM solution.

Agent Collision Detection
When two or more agents answer the same query, that’s embarrassing, and when both the agents give a contradictory reply, that is worse. The agent collision detection is the complete solution to avoid a tricky situation. The agent collision detection feature allows all the other agents viewing or typing on the same ticket in real-time. Agent collision will save time by enabling agents to focus on other critical tickets.

Canned Responses
The company's brand is on the level and quality of customer support. AI-based quick Canned responses allow prepackaging email responses to commonly asked questions. Transform your customer support team and grow your reputation in the market. It also allows personalizing the canned message by pulling in the customer's name and ticket status automatically.

Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base is a repository of information about a business’s products and services, How-To guides, use cases, travel advisory, and much more. The knowledge base helps to give quick responses to commonly asked questions and helps reduce the number of customer support calls and emails. A knowledge base is also a useful resource for Agents to refer to articles and answers when troubleshooting an issue. Airlines and travel companies can regularly feed more and more latest content to make the system up to date and smart.

Intelligent Travel Chatbot
Engage your customer over email, through a chatbot on your website, or via Facebook Messenger. Your Travel Bot will handle various scenarios of customer conversations and answer questions with ease. The powerful combination of AI bot, knowledge base, and live chat functionality makes the best customer experience. While the bot is not able to solve the query, it automatically connects to available online agents or raises tickets with the concerned department.

Custom Reports and Analytics
The customer is the king, and you will require real-time insights on customer queries and support team performance to keep your customers happy. Live interactive dashboard and custom reports allow you to monitor customer experience, helpdesk productivity, and agent performance. It also helps you to track the SLAs set by the different customers. Leverage your customer support data and craft the best experiences for your customers. 

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