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Indian IT targets Arabian Gulf

As the US and the UK face slow growth - markets that have been driven by outsourcing of IT service to Indian companies that provide skilled workers at competitive costs - IT firms are looking to the Arabian Gulf as an increasingly important area of focus to generate business.

Infiniti Software solutions have plans to expand their business in Arabian Gulf, Gautam Ramanujan, the chief commercial officer of Infiniti Software Solutions, says " The Arabian Gulf is going to be an important market for the Indian IT sector as the Middle East is one of the world's fastest-growing markets in the banking, financial services and insurance space, the region's financial services sector is in the process of significant change and this would bring tremendous opportunity for the Indian IT sector. We have been aggressively targeting the Middle East market for the past few quarters and we have been able to build a very healthy pipeline of prospective customers in the region."Read more

Tourism students score a centum in placement

Infiniti Software Solutions recruited top talents from Pondicherry University. The Department of Tourism Studies (DTS) in Pondicherry University has gone a notch up in placement levels, with the present entire batch of students getting jobs. The record was achieved in a matter of 11 days.

Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University Chandra Krishnamurthy felicitated the students for the achievement. He had words of commendation for Y. Venkata Rao, who heads the DTS. The outgoing batch had also landed good offers, courtesy the relationships established by the DTS with premium brands in the tourism, travel, and the hospitality sectors.

The course has been designed to provide exposure to the students to function aspects of their domain or areas of specialisation through internships, skills development workshops and field visits. Read more

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