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Tourism students score a centum in placement

Infiniti Software Solutions recruited top talents from Pondicherry University. The Department of Tourism Studies (DTS) in Pondicherry University has gone a notch up in placement levels, with the present entire batch of students getting jobs. The record was achieved in a matter of 11 days.

Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University Chandra Krishnamurthy felicitated the students for the achievement. He had words of commendation for Y. Venkata Rao, who heads the DTS. The outgoing batch had also landed good offers, courtesy the relationships established by the DTS with premium brands in the tourism, travel, and the hospitality sectors.

The course has been designed to provide exposure to the students to function aspects of their domain or areas of specialisation through internships, skills development workshops and field visits. Read more


Infiniti Software specialises in travel and revenue management technology and aims to be a leading global tech player in the field in five years

Mr. Ananth Narasimhan quit a high-paying job to start company Infiniti Software Solutions in 2005. But just when he managed to attract clients and funds, the economy crashed and he found himself at zero again. He didn't let that deter him and has rebuilt his company into one of the most promising global travel technology players. Narasimhan's vission has changed the way business travel works. "Most airline companies were created when computers were using mainframe technology . While every other industry from the 1960s and '70s was upgraded, travel companies didn't get the right solutions. Airlines were booming but the technology that drove sales remained static. We decided to change that," says Narasimhan.

With his background in consulting, Narasimhan knew the requirements and started working with Jet Airways. "Supply had increased by 30% but demand did not, resulting in unsold seats. We came up with a new concept that allowed airlines to sell unsold seats in real time.That is how our product was launched in 2007," he says. Read more

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