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Infiniti launches AI-powered solution to deliver dynamic and personalized group bookings for airlines

The cloud-based group revenue management software has long been the go-to solution for airlines to maximize revenue lift and boost growth, given that it delivers accurate demand forecasting and optimal fares. Read more

All-new ExpenseOut ushers in the next generation of expense management

Infiniti has relaunched ExpenseOut with AI-powered features that will help companies cut down on indirect expenses as they emerge from the pandemic. Read more

AirAsia India upgrades group booking experience with GroupRM

The airline’s investment in digital transformation by implementing GroupRM is set to bolster the group booking experience of its passengers. AirAsia India to help the airline automate its group booking experience. Usage of the AI-powered product GroupRM will make the group booking process simpler and seamless due to the newfound ability to take on more group bookings and set prices dynamically. Read more

INFINITI launches NDC-enabled Booking Platform – AgencyDirect with Emirates as the first NDC Airline Partner

INFINITI announces its launch of new NDC-enabled cloud-based Booking Platform – AgencyDirect, allowing Indian travel Agencies to shop, order, pay and service airline travel offers via NDC connectivity. Read more

Volaris Selects GroupRM to Enhance Group Booking Experience

Budget airline Volaris looks to the automated tool, GroupRM, to enhance its passengers’ group booking experience in a move aimed at improving customer loyalty. Read more

Infiniti launches new CSR initiative, You Too Can for differently-abled employees

The provisions of CSR Policy, notified under the Companies Act 2013 promises to be a historic milestone. India is the first country in the world to bring social responsibility to the centre stage of the corporate reporting framework.

Infiniti Software Solution joined hands together with We Are Your Voice and launched a CSR initiative, to assist differently-abled people. The project was launched by Mr Ananth Narasimman CEO of Infiniti Software Solutions, and Mr Basith Bas, founder of We Are Your Voice. Read more

INFINITI is now NDC Level 4 capable for Full Offer and Order Management!

Infiniti becomes the world's 1st Travel Technology Company to acquire NDC certification 19.1 version, its highest possible level as of now

Infiniti Software Solutions, one of the world's leading travel and aviation technology solution companies, has been certified with NDC Level 4 Full Offer and Order Management capability as an I.T provider by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Launched by IATA, NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program that promotes the market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard). NDC Standard enhances the capability of communications between airlines and travel agents. It will enable the airline to distribute its product offers and promote its ancillary services using rich content. Read more

Infiniti unveils new brand identity to strengthen its company positioning

Infiniti Software Solutions, the leading global travel technology provider, unveils its new brand identity. Since its foundation in 2005, with innovation at its heart, Infiniti has been continuously upgrading itself to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. Over the years the customer-centric approach of Infiniti has enabled to build and nurture relationships with corporates, travel agencies and airlines. In addition to repeating business and steep profit growth. The progression of the travel industry has driven Infiniti to transform into a customer-leading organization with a focus on futuristic product development. Hence the change in the identity is brought about to reflect the company's evolution into an all-encompassing global solution provider for the travel industry. Read more

IATA awards Infiniti Software Solutions NDC Level 3 certification

Infiniti software solutions, one of the worlds leading travel and aviation technology solution company has been certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Launched by IATA, NDC (New Distribution Capability) is an XML based data transmission standard which overcomes the challenges of the current distribution system for airlines. It will enable the airline to distribute its product offers and promote its ancillary services using rich content.

At present, travelers while booking through direct or indirect channels are limited to seat/fare options. With NDC they will be now able to access ancillary services like baggage, seat selection and personalized offers. By addressing end-to-end airline distribution process, NDC is all set to revolutionize airline retailing and distribution. Read more

Infiniti software solutions plans global expansion

Infiniti software solutions, a Chennai based travel technology service provider to corpo-rates, claims to be leading the space in India. The company offers diverse solutions for the travel and aviation industry such as SME tool, expense management, group revenue management, business travel management, airline forecasting tool, and airline CRM solution.

Mr. Ananth Narasimhan, founder and CEO, Infiniti Software Solutions, said, "The role of technology in travel is gaining more importance, now that the world is changing more rapidly than ever. The aggressive adoption of technology has resulted in more operational efficiency and savings in terms of time and money. Business travel technology solutions have seen significant development as customers are demanding faster and more efficient systems to control costs and reduce turn around time. "Atyourprice and group revenue management solution, GroupRM, are seeing significant demand across the world". Read more

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