Next generation Airline direct distribution system

AgencyDirect is a next generation airline distribution system that helps airlines to have complete access with an enhanced customer management interface and handle corporate & travel agencies effectively. It helps airlines with an increase in revenue through direct distribution and reduces the distribution cost.

AgencyDirect Features

Internet booking engine
Airlines will have an end-to-end interface in managing various customer segments, Mobile responsive with fully flavored CMS, Diversified Policy Configuration Engine, Integration of multiple languages and currencies, Manage bookings, Enhanced Check-in process, Increased ancillary sales, Loyalty Programs, and more.

B2B booking platform
Enhanced booking platform to increase Travel Agency Engagement with Commission Managements, Discounts, and Offer matrix based on Airline-Agency relation, Balance Management module for Credits, and Customized reports.

Fare management
Bundling and Unbundling of fares, Fare brandings, Tax Management, Policy settings on Cancellations, Reschedules based on Customer Segments, Setting of Retails fares and Corporate fares can be easily mapped and configured under customer segments.

Ancillary management
An unlimited number of ancillaries, Pre and Post booking ancillary, Increased sales on dynamic seat-maps, Integration with 3rd party ancillary suppliers can be integrated.

Reporting & dashboard
Accessible in managing the detailed standard report based on Users, Travel activities and Operations. Customized reports for Business ease, and Interactive Dashboards for a quick overview of the business.

LCC Airlines
Get procured with a user friendly and hassle-free booking engine where you experience an end-to-end operational in managing multi-channel integrations likes, Sales, Reservations, Back-end Operations, etc., With a flexible airline interface, airlines get benefited in providing customized offers, discounts, and promotion based on the user behavior thereby increasing the revenue.

FSC Airlines
What makes an airline to reduce its distribution cost? Yet simple, but a powerful interface can overcome the distribution cost incurred and allows airlines to boost their sales seamlessly. Our fully featured interface lets customers gain complete access to the booking tool, where they turn back again to have a personalized shopping experience.